Product FAQs


What does "FF" mean on the display of my control?

If you have a digital control, it is designed to flash "FF" on the display to notify you that a problem may have been discovered. Gradient controls and warming throw controls use a blinking indicator light for this purpose. Follow the instructions on the flag tag to reset the control or follow the steps below. Unplug the system from wall outlet. Check that the control is well connected to the module. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Set the control to "on". If the system still does not operate, disconnect the power cord and disconnect the power cord and Contact Us.

How hot will my Warming Product get?

Your Sunbeam® Warming Product is designed to provide the appropriate heat to help maintain your body's own warmth and to keep you comfortable. It does not operate like a heating pad or older electric blankets you may have used years ago. When you touch the warming product, it may not feel hot to the touch. If you feel that your warming product is not operating properly or is not hot enough, we suggest you try the Sunbeam® Warming Products Fold Test. If you have tried this test and the warming product does not heat, please contact us via email.

What if my control does not regulate my side of the warming product?

"Ensure the control cord is properly connected to the warming product module. Check to confirm the power cord is securely connected to the wall outlet. Be certain to switch the control to ""On"". Dual controls frequently get switched and may be trying to operate the opposite side of the warming product. The control with the service label is the primary control. The primary control operates the right side of the bed when viewing the bed from the foot. If you have a remote control, it will be labeled to indicate whether it operates the left or right side of the bed. Please refer to your User Manual to confirm you have set this up correctly for your model as some models have slightly different requirements."

What if my warming product is not heating at all?

"You may need to reset your warming product. The following steps are recommended if your product does not seem to be heating: Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Check that the control is tightly connected to the module in the blanket. Re-plug the power cord into the wall outlet. On a digital control, you should see flashing symbols and the display on your control will clear. Your blanket is now reset. If resetting doesn't work, your warming product needs to be repaired or replaced. Please Contact Us Remember: Sunbeam® Warming Products will not feel hot to the touch when laid out flat in a normal manner. You may wish to complete the Sunbeam® Warming Products Fold Test. "

What if only one side of my dual control warming blanket/mattress pad is heating?

If this occurs, follow steps below: Plug the warming product directly into a wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord or other power adapter. Turn the control to the highest setting for 20 minutes and gradually adjust for personal comfort. If you have 2 controls, the control with the label on the bottom operates the side of the product containing the label. If you have followed these steps and the warming product does not perform properly, stop using it immediately and contact us.