Product FAQs

Care and Usage

Can I use medication or oils in warm mist humidifier?

You can add liquid vapourizing inhalant only to the medicine well in front of the steam outlet. Never add medication of any type to the water in the container. DANGER: Do not replenish medication while the humidifier is operating, as a severe burn can result from the steam.

How long does the humidifier reservoir glow in the dark?

If your humidifiers is designed with a glow in the dark reservoir, you can expect it to glow for 1 to 2 hours.

How often should I clean my humidifier?

Cleaning times for humidifiers vary. When used continuously, it is recommended to clean after 48 to 72 hours of operation. When used occasionally, drain, rinse and dry thoroughly dry after every use. Clean periodically to remove mineral deposits. Always clean before and after long periods of storage.

What is the running time of my humidifier?

Running times may vary by unit. On average, most units are designed to operate for 8 to 18 hours with one filling.

How do I operate my digital control panel?

Some models come equipped with humidistat and speed settings that can be operated by pressing the Mode button. To set the humidistat, press Mode until the display says Auto. Then choose your speed setting and then set your desired humidity level. The humidity setting can be increased or decreased by pressing the + or - buttons.

My humidifier has water in it but the refill/reset light is on

If this should occur, the heating element may need to be thoroughly cleaned. Review the user manual for detailed instructions.