Product FAQs

Heat Wraps

Can I use any type of batteries in the Heat to Go® charger and controller?

No. Only use good quality, rechargeable NiMH (AA) batteries in the controller and charger. Do not mix old and new batteries.

How does heat therapy help relieve muscular pain?

The Heat to Go® Wraps help relieve muscular pain by bringing gentle heat to the affected area. This increases blood flow, causing muscles to relax and promotes faster healing.

How long does it take for the Heat to Go® Wraps to warm up?

It only takes a few minutes for the Heat to Go® Wraps to provide optimum heat. Heat may vary depending on fit.

Should I wear the Heat to Go® Wraps on top of my clothes or underneath my clothes?

For optimal results, wrap should be worn against your skin and comfortably tightened. Do not over tighten and check skin frequently if you feel any discomfort.

What can I do if the product feels too hot for me?

If the product feels too hot for you, remove the Wrap and lower the heat level. If it still feels uncomfortably warm, discontinue use.

What is the heat technology in the Heat to Go® Wraps?

The Heat to Go® Wraps use a technology similar to classic heating pads but is battery powered (use 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries). The wraps provide gentle and soft heat for maximum therapeutic benefits that lasts for up to 4 hours.

What material are Wraps made of?

The Wraps are made of Polyester and reinforced with Neoprene fabric, which is a moisture wicking material that absorbs sweat to help keep you dry and comfortable. Neoprene fabric stretches for a form-fit, so it moves when you move.

Can I use the Heat to Go® Wraps if I am pregnant, nursing, or a diabetic?

You should consult with your doctor prior if you are pregnant, nursing, a diabetic or have any other pre-existing conditions.

Can I use the Heat to Go® Wraps while exercising?


Can I use the Heat to Go® Wraps with medicated rubs/creams/ointments or topical antibiotics?

No. Do not use the Wraps on an area of the skin where medicated rubs, creams, ointments or topical antibiotics have been applied.

Can I wash the Wraps?

To wash, follow these instructions:

  1. Remove controller from Wrap.
  2. Fasten the hook and loop on the Wrap to itself, fold nicely and place in laundry bag.
  3. Machine wash Wrap in cold water on gentle cycle, or hand wash. Line or air dry only--do not place in an electric dryer.
  4. Do not connect controller to Wrap until it is completely dry.

Can young children wear the Heat to GO® Wraps?

We do not recommend the use of the Heat to Go® Wraps for children without close supervision.

Do the Heat to Go® Wraps contain latex?

No. The Heat to Go® Wraps do not contain latex.

For how long should I wear the Heat to Go® Wraps?

The Heat to Go® Wraps are designed to provide up to 4 hours of heat on one charge (heat time is between 1.5 hours on HIGH and 4 hours on WARM). Consult your physician for the appropriate heat therapy time for you. If you have any pre-existing conditions or any health related questions, please consult the Important Safety Instructions on the instruction manual.

How do I put the Wraps on?

The Wraps are very flexible and easy to use. If you have any questions regarding how to apply them, please reference the online videos.

What sizes are available?

The Heat to Go® Back, Knee and Shoulder Wraps are available in one size only.