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How to Set up Voice Control

Voice Assistant Set Up

Pairing to Amazon Alexa & Google Voice Enabled Devices: Your heated bedding can be controlled through these voice assistants.
  • Open the Sunbeam App
  • Select the device you wish to connect to a voice assistant.
  • In the top right corner of the screen select the pencil icon.
  • Choose the icon of the Voice Assistant you wish to connect.
  • Follow the instructions that appear.

Voice Assistant Functionality

Your Sunbeam Connected Bedding is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Enabled Devices.

Amazon Alexa Enabled Devices

Utilize the following command sequence: “Alexa, “Primary Command” + “Device Name” + “Secondary Command” (if applicable) For example, “Alexa, Activate Sunbeam Bedding” or “Alexa, Turn Up Sunbeam Bedding by 4”

Note: The default “Device Name” is “Sunbeam Bedding”. If you have more than 1, it will become Sunbeam Bedding 2, and so on...

How To Confirm Your Presence on Your Connected Bedding

Learn how to confirm your presence and resume your heated bedding.