Product FAQs


Indicator lights keep blinking.

Follow manual for Reset Instructions.

Very tight reservoir cap.

Add liquid soap or petroleum jelly to cap gasket to ease opening.

Water Leaks from Tank.

Remove tank cap and replace or reposition gasket. Place unit it on a flat or leveled surface. Tighten the cap. Fill with cool water only.

Unit does not turn on.

Plug in unit. Press the mode button to turn on the humidifier.

Cool Mist output minimal to none.

Wait 30 minutes for filter to absorb water. Operate in High setting.

Filter turns brown.

Wash your wick filters. Follow the Filter Washing Procedure located on this manual. Wick may retain discoloration.

Humidifier continuously displays 21%.

Continue to operate humidifier to raise the room humidity.

How do I remove film on water tank?

See Daily Maintenance instructions. Regular cleaning is recommended.

Filter Clean indicator is not working.

Allow the humidifier to run continuously for 60 minutes for the FilterCleanTM Indicator to reflect the filter condition.

LED not illuminated.

Plug in unit. Check circuit breaker or outlet.

How can I extend the run time?

Run your unit on the lowest setting. If your unit has electronics, set it to your desired humidity level. The unit will turn on and off, which will extend the run time. Fill the tank all the way full, place it on the base, let the water empty into the base until it stops bubbling, then refill the tank full again. This ensures maximum water capacity and will extend run time.

What are the variables that affect run time?

The estimated run time for this humidifier is based on average room conditions. The actual run time of your humidifier is dependent on numerous variables such as:

  1. Air exchange in the room where the humidifier is placed.
  2. Room construction of the room where the humidifier is placed.
  3. Temperature of the room where the humidifier is placed.
  4. Movement of occupants and the opening and closing of doors in the room where the humidifier is placed.
  5. Home furnishings in the room where the humidifier is placed.

Crack in Tank.

Fill with cool water only. Handle tank with care. If there is crack on tank, replace with a new tank.

Water cloudy.

Refill using cool water.

Refill/Reset light illuminated.

Refill Tank. Follow manual for Reset Instructions. Remove scale from heating element.