Sunbeam® NHL® Standard Hot & Cold Pack, Vancouver Canucks®


Sunbeam 1904-NHL-VAN
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The Sunbeam® NHL® Standard Hot and Cold Pack provides relief to overworked muscles and everyday aches and pains.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 5.98" x 8.9"
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Additional Information

This reusable gel pack is convenient to have around the house for both hot and cold therapy. Use as a cold pack to help reduce pain and swelling of minor injuries such as strains, sprains, bruises and bumps. Use hot to promote relief of muscle, joint and arthritic pain as well as muscle tension.
  • Portable and reusable for all types of injuries and pain.
  • Freezable or microwavable gel pack
  • Soft, washable cover
  • Flexible for contouring comfort
  • Official NHL®*1 licensed product