Product FAQs


Can anyone use a Sunbeam® Warming Product?

For the most part, anyone can enjoy Sunbeam® warming products. However, we do not recommend using our Warming Product with an infant, young child, an incapacitated person, a paraplegic, a quadriplegic, a diabetic person, someone insensitive to heat or anyone who cannot clearly understand the instructions and operate the controls.

What makes Sunbeam® Warming Products safe?

We test all of our products to ensure their safety. As the industry leader, Sunbeam® Products Inc. is committed to providing consumers with the best products available and continuing research into safety issues. The wiring within Sunbeam® Warming Products is completely insulated and protected. To operate your product safely, we recommend that you:
  • Keep all pets off the product to avoid wire damage caused by chewing and/or clawing.
  • Follow instructions for care, including laundering.
  • Ensure the blanket or mattress pad is the right size for your bed.
  • Do not use on bunk beds, waterbeds or mechanically adjustable beds.
  • Make sure the cord is not trapped between the mattress and box spring.
  • Do not smoke in bed.
  • Do not use more than one heating device on the bed at one time.
For a complete description of these and other safety precautions, please review your User Manual.

Can I use an extension cord with my warming product?

No. All Sunbeam® Warming Products should be directly connected to a 110-120 volt outlet.