Product FAQs

General Information

What is the recommended humidity level?

A humidity level between 30 and 50% is recommended. A hygrometer is a measuring device that measures humidity. Hygrometers can be purchased on your local retailer.

How does a warm mist humidifier work?

Water flows from the into the water channel. The water channel automatically ensures the proper amount of water flows to the heating chamber. Water enters the heating chamber where the heating system warms the water. A warm mist rises from the humidifier outlet and is dispersed into the room.

At what level will the indicator signal the water is low?

When the water level in the tank is at or below the half-full point, the indicator will read near the "empty" mark

How does your cool moisture humidifier work?

Your Sunbeam Cool Moisture humidifier draws dry air through the front air intake grill area. This air is then passed through a moisture–laden wick filter which retains the minerals and deposits. The resulting moist air is directed back into the room from the top air grill. This humidification system provides a cool, invisible moisture output. The mist is invisible so it is normal to not see the mist.

Why is condensation building on the windows?

If condensation is building on the windows it means the humidifier is producing too much output for the space it is humidifying. If a humidistat is being used, then you can try lowering the humidistat setting. If not, you may need a lower output humidifier for the desired space.

How does an ultrasonic humidifier work?

A slow stream of water is released from the tank by a regulator valve. Then, the water then flows to the transducer, where the water is ultrasonically vibrated into soft, clean visible mist. A quiet fan propels the mist upward and into the air.

I've been running my humidifier and it is using up water, but the humidity level in my home is not rising.

When a humidifier is used infrequently, in very dry places or for the first time in a season, it can take quite a while for the humidity level in the room/space to rise. The reason for this is that everything in the room (walls, furniture, floors, etc.) is dried out and will suck up any moisture that is in the air. Once these objects are saturated, the humidity level start to rise in the air. If you have dry heat or can't get the level to rise, it is best to let the unit run constantly on a high setting, until the moisture starts to build up. If the unit is only run occasionally, each time you turn it on it will have to work to saturate the walls and furniture again, before humidifying the room. Also check the humidifier is large enough for the room size and that the space is enclosed.