Product FAQs

Types of Heaters

What are convection heaters?

These types of heaters generate even, consistent heat using various heating elements to heat the air. As the air is heated, it rises and is replaced by cooler air from below the element, which then heats up, and the cycle continues. These heaters are quiet because they don’t use a fan to push the hot air into the room.

What are ceramic heaters?

Ceramic heaters are small, powerful and portable heaters. They are energy efficient and safe while providing instant warmth. They are perfect to add extra warmth to small offices or to heat cooler back rooms. They may be placed on the table or floor.

What are radiant heaters?

These heaters use glowing elements that emit light and warm the object in front of it. Many radiant heaters include a fan to help push the heated air out into the room. Standard features include a thermostat; overheat protection and tip-over protection for added safety.

What are fan heaters?

These heaters have a high resistive coil element that heats up as electricity passes through it. A fan blows the hot air around the element out into the room. Heater fans include a variety of features, mechanical and digital thermostats, oscillation and programmable timers. All heater fans include overheat protection.