Product FAQs

Warming Systems

What is the difference between a warming blanket and warming mattress pad?

The real difference is in the direction that the heat comes from. Some people prefer to have the lightweight warmth of a warming blanket OVER their bodies. Others prefer the warmth of a mattress pad UNDERNEATH them. Sunbeam® Warming Mattress Pads offer a warmer heat zone at the feet, which our warming blankets do not. In the end, it is a matter of personal preference.

Do Sunbeam® Warming Products save energy and money?

They certainly can. They operate much like your household thermostat, continually cycling on and off through the night as the temperature rises and falls. You can simply turn down the thermostat at night and heat only your bed instead of the entire house.

How do Sunbeam® Warming Products work?

Sunbeam® Warming Products are a true advancement in comfort control technology because they are able to sense changes in body and room temperatures, and adjust accordingly. As a result you get soothing warmth for better sleep.

Here's an example of how this works. If the room temperature drops during the night and your feet are cold, your Sunbeam® Warming Product automatically senses this change and directs additional heat to your feet. This helps you maintain the comfort level you desire consistently through the night.

Why are our products so "smart"?

Our proprietary ThermoFine® Warming System monitors your body temperature as well as the temperature of your bed and bedroom. The system also employs patented carbon-based polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) sensing capability to provide more uniform heat. This new technology is only available in Sunbeam® Warming Products and provides you with more uniform and consistent heating.